Advanced brain MRI in vascular cognitive impairment (VCI)

Dans le cadre du cycle Master Class du MA2, le Pr Pr Geert Jan Biessels (Department of Neurology, UMC Utrecht, Pays Bas) donnera le vendredi 15 mars à 17h00 une conférence en anglais sur le thème "Advanced brain MRI in vascular cognitive impairment (VCI)".
Pr Geert Jan Biessels

VCI is an umbrella term that refers to acquired cognitive impairment attributable to vascular braininjury.
VCI has multiple etiologies, of which small vessel disease (SVD) is most common. Manifestations of SVD
on brain MRI include white matter hyperintensities, recent small subcortical infarcts, lacunes, perivascular
spaces, cerebral microbleeds, and brain atrophy. At the population level these lesions are clearly related
to dementia and stroke risk. Yet, in individual patients the link between lesion burden and these clinical
manifestations can be less clear, which may cause diagnostic dilemmas. Moreover, the lesions themselves
are often an end stage of tissue injury, not necessarily reflecting the underlying disease processes.

In my presentation I will show how we use advanced MRI techniques, mostly at 7T MRI, to get closer to the
disease processes in SVD. In particular, I will present recent work that zooms in on small vessel function in
patients with SVD.

In our studies we also try to better capture the functional impact of SVD, to support the diagnosis of VCI. I will review work on brain connectivity, white matter structure and lesion symptom mapping.

Cet article de pédagogie reprend de manière synthétique l'évolution du concept de maladie d'Alzheimer et des critères diagnostiques, notions abordées dans le premier des séminaires MA2 dédiés à la maladie d'Alzheimer.
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Dans le cadre du cycle Master Class du MA2, le Dr Renaud La Joie (Memory and Aging Center, San Francisco, USA) donnera le jeudi 11 janvier une conférence sur le thème "Imagerie et Neuropathologie de la Maladie d’Alzheimer".